A summary of Pilot Gypsum now available

Pilot Gypsum has been running for a little over a year now. The first twelve months of the project were especially challenging when the spreading of over 6,000 tonnes of gypsum needed to be organised from a scratch.

All the stages of the project are carefully reported. A summary of the experiences of the pilot has now been published and can be found under materials section.

In the summary it is explained how the gypsum pilot was organised. Furthermore, the challenges met by the pilot and the solutions developed to tackle them are also processed.

Water quality monitoring summarised in a separate report

The ultimate purpose of Pilot Gypsum is to improve the water quality in the Archipelago Sea. Therefore, the single most important aspect of the pilot is water quality monitoring.

A separate report on water quality monitoring has been published, and it covers the entire research setting and also some initial results. It carefully explains why the river Savijoki was chosen as a pilot area, how the monitoring is implemented, and how the impacts of gypsum are studied.

The report can also be found under materials section.



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