Pilot Nutrient Exchange


In some industrial waste waters, the original levels of nitrogen and phosphorus are low and nutrients are added to biological waste water treatment plants to feed the biomass. On the other hand, there are very nutrient-rich waste waters from other processes. Match-making between these two streams will enhance purification processes in industrial waste water treatment plants and at the same time reduce the amount of excess nutrients.


Pilot Nutrient Exchange aims to realise direct nutrient exchanges between industry and e.g. biogas producers which produce nutrients as a side/waste product in their own processes. Currently, these excess nutrients need to be treated with expensive technologies, often adding burden to municipal treatment plants or involving costly local treatment technologies. Thus nutrient exchange is a win-win situation for all involved parties, and a reduction of several hundred kilos/a is expected in P emissions.


The responsible partner is John Nurminen Foundation, who will realise the Pilot in close co-operation with target groups (industries, nutrient producing enterprises/actors). Experiences and outcome of the Pilot will be utilised in the development of the platform and in the institutional development of the NutriTrade platform.


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