Pilot Mussel

Pilot mussel aims at the reduction of nutrient load through mussel farming activities and substitution of externally produced fish food with Baltic Sea grown fish food.

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Contact: katarina.elofsson(at) and marit.widman(at)

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Pilot Gypsum

The pilot aims at reducing phosphorus, suspended solids and pesticides loads from the Archipelago Sea area by gypsum application of fields.

University of Helsinki, Finland
Contact: markku.ollikainen(at) and eliisa.punttila(at)

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Pilot Fish

With targeted fishing of cyprinid fish, the pilot aims to recycle a significant amount of nutrients from the marine ecosystem to solid ground, thus complementing the measures that reduce nutrient loads onshore.

John Nurminen Foundation, Finland
Contact: miina.maki(at)

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Pilot Nutrient Exchange

The pilot facilitates match-making between nutrient producers (e.g. biogas facilities) and industrial wastewater treatment plants capable for the purification of such wastewaters.

John Nurminen Foundation, Finland
Contact: anna.saarentaus(at)

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NutriTrade Platform

This work package develops a voluntary nutrient trading platform which can be used to realise nutrient trades/offsets and nutrient footprint neutralisation between different parties such as municipalities, water utilities, industries, agricultural producers, NGOs, water protection associations, authorities and the general public.

John Nurminen Foundation, Finland
Contact: anna.saarentaus(at)

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Institutional Development

This work package analyzes the possibility of using flexible mechanisms, such as nutrient trading, in the Baltic Sea protection policy. It gathers and applies knowledge obtained in pilots and programs elsewhere; defines needs and potential for the Baltic; and outlines a roadmap for the efficient use of flexible instruments.

Natural Resources Institute, Finland
Contact: antti.iho(at)  and lassi.ahlvik(at)

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