NutriTrade Platform Development

Desktop Study of Platforms -Desk study of similar platforms in other sectors

Verification guidelines – These verification guidelines set out the methodology and requirements for projects participating in the NutriTrade platform.

Lighthouse examples – Report on “lighthouse example” municipalities or companies for promoting the nutrient neutralization idea.

Exit strategy

Nutribute and Nutrient Exchange – Presentation in the Final Seminar

News and Pres releases:

Institutional Development

Proposals for verification of the actions in NutriTrade platform

Literature review and learning from previous experiences on emissions and nutrient discharge trading outside the BSR

First stepping stones – Report on Expert and Stakeholder meetings in Finland

State of the play analysis for the policy brief reports

Report on possible application areas of nutrient trading in Finnish and Swedish water protection policy

Policy recommendations for nutrient offsets – Presentation in the Final Seminar

What policy instrument is preferred by citizens and experts? – Presentation in the Final Seminar

NutriTrade Policy Brief 3 Nutrient Offsets – examines legal aspects of utilizing nutrient offsets in environmental permitting processes. The Weser-ruling of the European Court of Justice changed the playground for environmental permitting by strengthening the legal status of the Water Framework Directive. If an economic activity increases pollution that poses pressure on critical water quality elements, it cannot be granted an environmental permit. This stance does protect waters from pollution, but making it actually compatible with constantly evolving economic activities calls for innovative regulatory tools such as nutrient offsets.

Roadmaps for the future use of nutrient offsets

Pilot Mussel

Policy Instruments for Blue Mussels -How should they be Designed to Maximize the Environmental Benefits – Workshop report

Pilot Mussel – Presentation in the Final Seminar

Final report of Pilot Mussel

Pilot Mussel Verification Report

Pilot Gypsum

The effect of gypsum on agricultural phosphorus losses – Report on water quality data

Work plan on gypsum application

Co-Creating Water Protection: A Success – Article in Pan European Networks: Science & Technology

Summary of experiences from the gypsum pilot project (in English) 

Pilot Gypsum – Presentation in the Final Seminar

NutriTrade Policy Brief 1 Gypsum Amendment and Large Scale Use – discusses the feasibility of gypsum amendment for large-scale use. Drawing from the results and experience of a large-scale pilot organized in Southwest Finland, the Policy Brief provides an overview of the potential field area and logistics if gypsum amendment would be used widely in Southern Finland. It also addresses what to take into account when considering gypsum application elsewhere in the Baltic Sea region.

NutriTrade Policy Brief 2 Gypsum Amendment and Policy – provides recommendations targeted to agricultural policy makers, in order to facilitate and support the large-scale use of gypsum. It recommends that HELCOM includes gypsum amendment in its recommendations and that gypsum is included in the national agricultural policies of the EU member states.

Press Release: 25.5.2018 Treating fields with gypsum would revolutionise water protection of the Baltic Sea – and may even bring hope to making water in the Archipelago Sea clearer

Pilot Fish

Guidelines for monitoring and ensuring the sustainability of the cyprinid fishing activities (In Finnish)

Pilot Fish – Presentation in the Final Seminar

Pilot Fish Final Report

News and Press releases:

Pilot Nutrient Exchange

Report on potential partners for nutrient exchange

Survey among potential partners for nutrient exchange

Workshop for creating a direct exchange component for Nutribute 

Report on direct nutrient exchange component for Nutribute

Nutribute and Nutrient Exchange – Presentation in the Final Seminar

Brochures & Presentations

Project overview

Wanted – Solutions for Saving the Sea – Presentation at SLUSH introducing SMART & CLEAN FUTURE 01.12.2016

NutriTrade brochure

Kipsipilottiesite Brochure of Pilot Gypsum

Saaristomeren lähikalahanke Brochure of Pilot Fish

Nutribute brochure

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