The project partners represent universities, research institutes and non-governmental organisations with good networks and contacts to relevant authorities, policymakers as well as citizens in the region.


JNS-tunnus_eng_RGB_sininenJohn Nurminen Foundation, Finland

The Clean Baltic Sea projects of the John Nurminen Foundation aim at mitigating eutrophication of the Baltic Sea by reducing nutrient load to the Sea with focused, cost-effective and fast actions. During the past 10 years, the Foundation has implemented projects reducing the annual phosphorus load to the Sea by over 2000 tons. The Foundation’s environmental work is financed by the private sector, but projects often include also public funding. The environmental projects of the John Nurminen Foundation have thus successfully linked public and private sectors to join their knowledge and resources for the benefit of the Baltic Sea. Link to webpage

Luke_logo_in_englishNatural Resources Institute, Finland

The researchers of the Natural Resources Institute, Finland (Luke) have conducted research on flexible mechanisms: auctions, security bonds and international agreements. They have worked and led projects that have included practical experiments and piloting of such mechanisms. The combination of theoretical expertise and practical experiences provides a solid scientific backbone for the project. Group’s strong connections to international experts provide an efficient and robust test bed for the instruments that will be developed during the project. Luke was established in 2015 as a merger of three state research institutes. Combining and fostering the expertise of the three traditional research institutes, the organization has strong skills in leading and participating in international projects. Link to webpage

University of Helsinki, Finland

The Department of Economics and Management, Unit for Environmental and resource economics conducts research in maintaining and improving environmental quality and promoting sustained use of natural resources. The main topics include the use of economic instruments in environmental policy, emissions trading, payments for ecosystem services, and economic valuation of environmental benefits and damages. Research applications include climate change mitigation and adaptation, Baltic Sea protection, bioenergy policy issues, agri-environmental policies and climate change effects on marine ecosystems. Link to webpage

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) is performing high quality work in fields of strategic importance to society and the green sector, in Sweden and internationally. SLU carries out research on e. g. management of natural resources, and business administration, especially in agricultural sector. Link to webpage

Anthesis Enveco AB, Sweden

Enveco is an environmental economics consultancy carrying out analyses, research, education and training with a particular focus on the economic and social dimensions of sustainable development. Many of Enveco’s international projects have been carried out in the context of the Baltic Sea, often with a focus on economic valuation of ecosystem services, cost-benefit analyses and impact assessment of projects involving environmental change. Link to webpage






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