On Tuesday, August 23, we arranged an excursion for media to witness gypsum treatment of fields in practice. More than 10 representatives of media attended the excursion in Lieto in order to learn more about the gypsum, the spreading procedure, and the water quality research. Local farmers Otto Hyssälä ja Martti Hyssälä had arranged a demonstration of the transportation and spreading of the gypsum on their fields.


Farmers Otto Hyssälä and Martti Hyssälä shared the reporters the farmer’s perspective of the pilot. (Photo: SAVE/ Janne Artell)

A reporter from the Finnish national broadcasting company Yle captured the action on video. The gypsum pilot was one of the topics of the main news broadcast on Tuesday evening. The program is available on Yle Areena (gypsum pilot part beginning from 14:48). Attending the excursion were also journalists from several magazines and newspapers focusing mostly on agriculture and environment. Thus, articles about the gypsum pilot can be spotted in near future!

See photos from the excursion below.


Hosts of the visit: Otto Hyssälä (left) and Martti Hyssälä. (Photo: SAVE/ Janne Artell)


Truck delivers gypsum from Siilinjärvi directly next to the field. This pile contains approximately 47 tons of gypsum. (Photo: SAVE/ Janne Artell)


Contractor Teemu Joutsa demonstrated loading and spreading of the gypsum. (Photo: SAVE/ Janne Artell)


The weather was perfect for the procedure – not windy nor rainy. (Photo: SAVE/ Janne Artell)


A manure spreader is suitable also for spreading gypsum. (Photo: SAVE/ Janne Artell)


Gypsum from Siilinjärvi, originating from Yara’s phosphorus acid factory, is free of heavy metals and radioactivity. (Photo: SAVE/ Janne Artell)


Professor Markku Ollikainen in an interview. (Photo: SAVE/ Janne Artell)


The group also visited the water quality measurement facility. (Photo: SAVE/ Janne Artell)

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