Project NutriTrade implements several effective pilot measures and establishes a Baltic Sea wide nutrient offset platform for identifying and financing cost-effective nutrient reduction measures. Moreover, NutriTrade provides policy recommendations for developing nutrient trading as a policy instrument for national and intergovernmental Baltic Sea protection efforts.


Pilot Gypsum presented in Poland

Pilot Gypsum presented in Poland

Last week, on 15 March, NutriTrade project arranged a side-event to introduce gypsum application of agricultural fields as a new and cost-effective water protection measure. The side-event was part of the 3rd BONUS Symposium “Sustainable ecosystem governance under...

Pilot Fish has signed contracts with 12 fishermen

Pilot Fish has signed contracts with 12 fishermen

Pilot Fish has contracted 12 fishermen to fish roach and bream in the Archipelago sea and nearby sea areas. The ambitious aim is to catch 150 000 - 200 000 kg cyprinid fish which will, after processing by cooperation partners, end up on the plates of Finnish...


Side event of Pilot Gypsum in Gdansk, Poland 15 March

Pilot Gypsum of the project NutriTrade will arrange a side event Gypsum application – An eco-innovation for the Baltic Sea in Gdansk, Poland on 15 March. The side event is a part of the 3rd BONUS Symposium - Sustainable ecosystem governance under changing climate and...

Nutribute at the Baltic Sea Future congress – March 8-9

The NutriTrade projet will participate in the Baltic Sea Future Congress 8-9th March in Stockholm. The project will have its own premium location stand at the venue where the Nutribute platform will be presented. The venue will enable participants of the congress to...

Kicking off a Baltic Sea hackathon – January 26

Welcome to learn about Nutribute at Helsinki Think Company's Baltic Sea Inspiration Night! The event will take place in Tiedekulma on January 26 at 17h30-20h00. Apart from a presentation on Nutribute, a crowdfunding platform for Baltic Sea related projects, the event...

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