Project NutriTrade has released today two Policy Briefs on gypsum amendment of agricultural fields. The Policy Briefs introduce gypsum amendment as a cost-efficient measure for the protection of the Baltic Sea and provide recommendations for large-scale use and agricultural policies – both in Finland and other countries in the Baltic Sea region.

NutriTrade Policy Brief No 1 discusses the feasibility of gypsum amendment for large-scale use. Drawing from the results and experience of a large-scale pilot organized in Southwest Finland, the Policy Brief provides an overview of the potential field area and logistics if gypsum amendment would be used widely in Southern Finland. It also addresses what to take into account when considering gypsum application elsewhere in the Baltic Sea region.

NutriTrade Policy Brief No 2  provides recommendations targeted to agricultural policy makers, in order to facilitate and support the large-scale use of gypsum. It recommends that HELCOM includes gypsum amendment in its recommendations and that gypsum is included in the national agricultural policies of the EU member states.

For more information, see the press release of the University of Helsinki and John Nurminen Foundation.




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