Pilot Gypsum of the project NutriTrade will arrange a side event Gypsum application – An eco-innovation for the Baltic Sea in Gdansk, Poland on 15 March. The side event is a part of the 3rd BONUS Symposium – Sustainable ecosystem governance under changing climate and land use in the Baltic Sea region (14-16 March 2018). The conference and the side event will take place at the European Solidarity Centre in Gdansk.

The side event introduces a new cost-efficient water protection measure – gypsum application of agricultural fields. Gypsum (CaSO4) application improves soil structure and increases soil conductivity, which leads to reduction of both dissolved and particulate phosphorus loss from agricultural fields. The impacts of gypsum application are comprehensively studied and it can be noted as an easier, cheaper and more effective water protection measure than any other currently used agricultural method. The recent results from a large-scale experiment in Finland show that gypsum application is feasible and socially acceptable also for extensive use.

The side event invites experts in various fields – agricultural, soil and environmental scientists and economists – to discuss the opportunities for gypsum application in the Baltic Sea region, especially in Poland. The side event is organized as a part of NutriTrade project financed by the EU Interreg Central Baltic Programme.

Title of the event: Gypsum application – An eco-innovation for the Baltic Sea

Date and time: 15 March 2018, 14.45-15.45

Venue: European Solidarity Centre, Gdansk

Further information about the BONUS symposium http://bonus2018.eu/


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