The Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region takes place this week in Berlin. The theme of the event is “connectivity”, and NutriTrade contributes to the topic by discussing how new digital technologies can be harnessed to benefit the environment.

The session will be moderated by Director (Clean Sea projects) Marjukka Porvari, John Nurminen Foundation.

Senior Research Scientist Seppo Knuuttila (Finnish Environment Institute) will present the Nutrient Footprint Calculator – an internet-based tool that helps identifying the most important sources of pollution arising from consumption, and the easiest ways to reduce it. The participants can also calculate their personal nutrient footprints.

On the Nutribute platform, social technologies are harnessed to crowdfund environmental projects (by Project Manager Anna Saarentaus, John Nurminen Foundation). Project owners are invited to submit projects and raise funds for their activities, and organisations and individuals are encouraged to neutralise their nutrient footprints and donate for good projects.

If you are participating in the event, come and meet us at the EUSBSR Connectivity Lounge on Wednesday June 14 at 10:30.



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