The first version of Nutribute crowdfunding platform developed by project NutriTrade has now been launched at

Nutribute is aimed at improving the state of the Baltic Sea. It is a site where all organisations and individuals that carry out measures that reduce nutrient loading can present their activities and start raising funds. Anybody can have a look at the fundraising campaigns and make donations online to the activities they find worth supporting. In this way, the NutriTrade team hopes to boost activities that benefit the Sea.

The name “Nutribute”, which comes form words “nutrients” and “contribute”, was invented by SLU researcher Claes Ek.

On the Nutribute homepage, there is a so-called gallery of measures that seek funding. Each measure is presented by a photo and a short description of its content. After reading it, the reader ideally wants to take a closer look and on a campaign page, activities and the project team are presented. There it is also possible to make an online donation. The user can also browse projects by using certain search criteria such as location of the measure, the largest impact on eutrophication, and the most cost efficient measure.

Please have a look by yourself at and spread the word about a new instrument for protecting the Baltic Sea! We welcome new campaigns and donations to the nutrient reduction measures!

Read also a press release on Nutribute.



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