John Nurminen Foundation and Pirkka (Kesko) proudly present: Fish burgers made of bream from the Archipelgao Sea are available this week in the annual Helsinki Baltic Herring Market event (in Finnish: Stadin Silakkamarkkinat). The event is the oldest traditional event in Helsinki and has been held since 1743. John Nurminen Foundation is participating in the event together with Kesko, promoting actions for Baltic Sea protection – and a delicious fish burger can be counted as one. So, if you happen to be in Helsinki on 1st-7th October, come and meet us at the Market Square!

Visit Helsinki writes about the Helsinki Baltic Herring Market 2017: “The traditional Herring market will be held annually at the Market Square. The oldest traditional event in Helsinki has been held since 1743. The fishermen working on the Baltic Sea will once again bring their salted herring to market, as well as a delicious selection of herring marinades from rowan berries to red pepper. Of course, you can also find delicious dark bread in the archipelago style, clothes made from the wool of island sheep, and other handicrafts. Not to forget the tasty market food!”



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